Eyes on the Road: ARI’s Driver Watch Program

November 8, 2012

ARI road safety observation reporting program promotes safer driving and lowers driver risk

One of the greatest investments you can make in your fleet is in those who operate your vehicles.  The ARI Driver Watch program enables you to improve driver behavior and promote safer driving through a comprehensive safety observation reporting program.

This program maximizes drivers' traffic safety awareness, reduces their chances for accident and, can actually save lives.  Increase responsible driving with this information by instituting an incentive-based program that communicates to your drivers that you are investing directly in them.  The real time reporting capabilities allow you to address issues immediately.  In turn, improved driver behavior leads to a reduction in accidents, violations, and overall cost.

How the ARI Driver Watch program works

In conjunction with ARI Driver Excellence®, the Driver Watch program gives fleet managers the ability to monitor drivers and proactively identify drivers who need additional training.

A decal is placed on the outside of each vehicle that features a unique unit number and reporting phone number.  Other drivers and pedestrians are encouraged to call this number to offer positive feedback or to report unsafe behavior.  The information collected from these phone calls is intergated into, and can be accessed through, the ARI insights® website.

ARI insights® brings all the information captured from the reported phone call to your fingertips. Reported incidents can be reviewed and responded to directly through ARI insights®. Managers can access recorded audio and view reports at different levels—from driver specific to overall fleet. Here, fleet managers can use this information to create reports, monitor accident details, and identify drivers who need additional training. This program gives you the tools to improve driver behavior through increased awareness and training assessment, thereby lowering costs associate with risk management.

ARI insights® Driver Watch menu options

The ARI insights® Driver Watch menu option features three main areas: Decal Maintenance, Incident Reporting, and Incident Management.

Decal Maintenance

Lost or Damaged Decal? No problem! The Decal Maintenance screen can be used to request additional decals, associate a decal number to a vehicle, and update a decal number. Updates to a vehicle and driver associated with a decal can be made direction on this screen as well.

Incident Reporting

The Incident Reporting menu option allows you to search for and review reported events. Each incident is displayed with information such as Call ID, Location Name, Driver Name, Decal Number, and Vehicle Number.

Clicking on a Call ID will display detailed information regarding the incident as well as any follow up actions taken by the assigned manager. Here you can indicate actions that were taken, the driver’s response, record additional comments surrounding the incident, manage driver points, and more.

Incident Management

The Incident Management menu option is a centralized area which allows you to manage aspects of reported incidents. Information within this section can be used to run reports for analysis, given fleet managers even more control over their drivers.  Here you can view a summary of all calls, search for an incident or groups of incidents, view driver risk summaries, and get an overall comparison of incident types giving you a weighted average indicating how you are doing compared to the average of all Driver’s Alert vehicles.