ARI's Expanded Telematics Solutions Help Leverage Fleet Data to Your Advantage

July 13, 2012


ARI's telematics solutions uncover efficiency gaps or problem areas and validate your return on investment.

Combining the excellence of our technology experts and our systems themselves, ARI's telematics solutions help clients identify cost-reduction opportunities, mitigate risk factors, optimize vehicle usage, reduce vehicle downtime, and automate existing manual fleet programs, helping to reduce both cost and review time.

ARI's unique telematics approach offers three levels of solution development:

•  Telematics Data Capture –The web-based ARI insights ® system integrates the data from various telematics devices across your fleet and combines it with vehicle and driver data already in the system.
•  Telematics Consulting Services – ARI's Technology Advisory Team continually monitors trends in the telematics industry, investigates potential vendors and recommends solutions based on a your specific business needs.
•  Telematics Managed Solution – ARI's all-in-one package includes the benefits of data integration, the Technology Advisory Team and first-level support and installation of telematics devices.

To learn how you can start harnessing your data, contact the Technology Advisory Team via email ( ) or call us at 1-800-477-4715.