Changes in the Resale Market Mean a Different Landscape for 2015

February 5, 2015

Be Ready With a Flexible Plan to Remarket Your Used Fleet Vehicles.

Experts are predicting the continuing economic recovery will lead to big shifts in the used vehicle market in 2015, which means it may be time to reevaluate your remarketing strategy to ensure you get the most value from your fleet. Many anticipate we will see a flood of used cars entering the market in the coming year, leading to lower profits when it comes to the sale of used vehicles and increased depreciation values. Adding to the downward pressure on prices is a new surge of retired rental vehicles that is also expected to hit the market. All of these factors will make it challenging to sell your fleet vehicles quickly and at a profit in 2015. 

The good news is, now more than ever, a multitude of options will allow you to develop a remarketing plan that is flexible and maximizes vehicle proceeds while meeting operational and other budgetary constraints. The key is finding the right partner to help you understand the marketplace and get you results.

With a long history of success and a track record for innovation, ARI has served as the trusted partner for companies both big and small when it comes to remarketing. ARI’s team of experts can evaluate your fleet and simultaneously list your vehicles across multiple channels – including our own privately labeled websites, a multi-level employee sale program, specialized truck and equipment remarketing outlets and traditional auctions and dealer outlets—to get results fast.

A unique option for fleets looking to sell their surplus vehicles and equipment quickly and efficiently is the ARIBuyDirect™ program. This program provides fleets with the ability to liquidate surplus vehicles without a contract and provides payment to fleets within 48 hours of accepting our offers.

“The ARIBuyDirect program can help fleets looking to simplify the remarketing process and get an infusion of capital back into their budgets,” said ARI’s Rob Hoysgaard. “In as little as 48 hours, a fleet manager can get older, unused or surplus inventory off the books and have a guaranteed payment issued to them; it’s really one of the easiest ways to handle the disposal of vehicles and equipment that are no longer in service or have gone beyond their useful life cycle.”

ARI will arrange for the on-site pick up, transport and disposal of the vehicle as well, saving you the hassle and worry of paying auction fees or disposal charges.

If you’re interested in learning more about how ARI can help you develop a remarketing strategy that meets your needs, call (800)-477-4715 or email