14 Tips to Improve Upfit Spec'ing from Work Truck Magazine and ARI’s Supply Chain Specialists

October 5, 2015

As a follow-up to the first article in the series which focuses on 18 ways to improve the upfit planning process, ARI’s team of supply chain specialists once again joins Work Truck Magazine to take a comprehensive look at the upfitting process. In part two of this two-part series, several of ARI’s subject matter experts, including Regional Truck Managers Mike Sturges, Tim Stroup and Charlie Johns, along with some of their peers from across the industry offer 14 tips for improving upfit specifications.

In the article, Mike Sturges stresses the importance of keeping it simple. Sturges says, “consolidate upfitting as much as possible. Many companies feel they can better control their spend by negotiating with several component suppliers and installation vendors, which leads to multistage purchase orders and upfitters. While this method may initially seem to save money, it can add to the overall lead-time, which will eventually increase costs.”

ARI’s Truck Spec Process Facilitator Mark Pilong reminds readers that it is critical to pay attention to the details. “Review, review, and review again. Make sure the completed spec has been developed, reviewed, and approved prior to order placement to reduce unnecessary delays and improve quality…documented sign-off is critical between the spec provider, end-user, and supply chain — this minimizes after-the-fact upfitting,” says Pilong.

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