Using Technology in Your Vehicles to Drive the Bottom Line

Technology has revolutionized the way we all live and work, and nearly every industry can point to significant changes that have occurred as a result of innovation and modernization.

Changes in the Resale Market Mean a Different Landscape for 2015

Be Ready With a Flexible Plan to Remarket Your Used Fleet Vehicles.

Partha Ghosh, ARI director, vehicle supply chain – North America, contributes insight to this Fleet Financials article, which predicts that the upcoming government-mandated CAFE requirements and the booming domestic oil industry will be the two biggest factors impacting vehicle construction and fleet vehicle ordering in the next 10 to 15 years.

Charlie Guthro, vice president of North American Fleet Management for ARI, contributed to this Fleet Financials article which offers advice for fleet managers to maximize fleet-wide fuel efficiency without a huge up-front investment in new vehicles or technologies.