Record low fuel prices and winter temperatures are a temporary drain on the electric vehicle market

Despite record low fuel prices and winter temps that drain output, vehicle manufacturers are still charged for continued development of electric vehicles.

New light-weight vehicles will make heavy-duty changes to fleet management

It’s likely that many fleets will re-examine their vehicle specs to take advantage of the better fuel economy and lower emissions that can be achieved with the newer aluminum bodies and components now being offered by manufacturers. But these new light-weight vehicles and parts can affect your fleet in ways you may not have considered. Before adopting this new technology, make sure you are aware of the challenges as well as the benefits.

The new shapes and versatile models of vans in North America have been inspired by those in other world markets, and they present the biggest change in the North American fleet van market. In this AUTOSPHERE article, ARI’s Peter Nogalo and Charlie Johns offer insight to the new trends.

Industry experts offer predictions for how companies will continue to embrace the use of technology in fleet vehicles over the next 10 to 15 years to reduce fleet costs and increase employee productivity in this Automotive Fleet article.

ARI’s team of specialized truck and supply chain specialists will be at the NTEA Work Truck Show in Indianapolis, Indiana, March 2-6. Also, guest speakers at various breakout sessions will include ARI's Tony Candeloro, Partha Ghosh and Bill Doman.

The Holman Automotive Group and ARI together pledged approximately $1.2 million to United Way during the companies’ 2014 “Moving the Needle” fundraising campaigns, the fourth consecutive year that the annual fundraising efforts have led to a donation that surpassed the million dollar threshold.

ARI announced the release of its 2015 Industry Outlook, which highlights the key trends and opportunities that North American fleets should anticipate and prepare for in the coming year.