Extending Truck Life Cycles or Replacing Them on Time – Fleets Benefit Both Ways

It's a win-win for replacement cycling. Higher quality vehicles and stronger warranties are allowing companies to keep their trucks in service longer. At the same time, resale results, especially for pickup trucks, are trending high.

Operating Costs for CY-2015

While fuel costs are forecasted to decline, in the Automotive Fleet article Forecast of Operating Costs for CY-2015, experts predict stability for fleet maintenance and tire costs.

Tony Piscopo, ARI director, fleet management services, contributed his expertise to the Automotive Fleet article Analysis of Fleet Fuel Spend Trends in CY-2014, which identifies the increase in U.S.

The Automotive Fleet article Commercial Fleet Maintenance Costs Remain Flat in CY-2014 addresses how maintenance costs have decreased across the board with the primary factor being increased overall vehicle quality.