ARI To Create a One-Business Mind-Set with Parent Holman

Automotive Fleet interviewed Carl Ortell and Chris Conroy to learn more about how the recent restructing of ARI and its parent company, Holman Automotive, will impact the two companies.

Keeping in Touch with Drivers on the Road

Many fleet departments struggle to find a solution for contacting drivers immediately using a method that is both safe and efficient. Although there is a full range of communications solutions available, they all come with some level of risk.

Safe employees are happier, have greater rates of productivity, are more supportive of clients and contribute to the bottom line. For companies with vehicle fleets, this includes employees who drive commercial vehicles.

Overseeing the executive fleet can be a tough part of a fleet manager's job, but in many regards, it can be handled much like the rest of the fleet, including being governed by a well-defined policy and holding drivers accountable, no matter their level in the company.

Customizable dynamic dashboards enhance data analysis and improve ease of use

This is the inaugural year for this ranking, which was determined through anonymous surveys of nearly 90,000 millennial employees administered by the workplace culture experts at Great Place to Work.

ARI’s Rich Radi, Driver Excellence Product Director, will discuss safety best practices & how to justify a driver safety program.